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Wardie Motors has been providing emergency roadside assistance for over 5 years, we also offer vehicle transport.

We provide this service all across Dorset and even nationwide.


We have a fleet of recovery vehicles awaiting and ready, for when your own transport can't finish the journey. Available 24 hours every day, and 7 days every week, for when you need assistance getting to where you need to go.

No matter the time of day, or day of the year, we don’t want you sat by the side of the road for any longer than necessary. Simply get in touch with your location, and take advantage of our excellent rates and proactive recovery time.


Broken down or unroadworthy vehicles

You may have only get a few yards from home, work, or elsewhere, but no matter the circumstances we can help. Also collecting your vehicle from MOT test centres, should it fail to pass, we can ensure that your car gets to your preferred repair garage, or simply deliver it to an address upon request.


Classic car and kit car transport

Got a vehicle that people just love looking at? No problem – we provide secure, timely transport of classic cars between expos and showrooms. Plus, if your car is made not so much made for the road, but the track, get in touch for kit car transport and get ready to show the world what it can do.


Trike horsebox and trailer transport

Also supporting our local equestrian enthusiasts, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need assistance moving horseboxes and trailers around the region.


Vehicle transport nationwide

If you’ve broken down locally, but happen to live at the other end of the country, fear not. We’ll happily transport your vehicle to its next destination at a reassuringly reasonable cost.


Unwanted vehicles collected

Got an old car just sat around in your garage, or on the drive? Something you simply can’t get sold? No problem. We can transport for scrap, or give you a good price for your unwanted vehicles.

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Wardie Motors Vehicle Transportation
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